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Bed Wetting

Who Is Affected By Bed Wetting?

Believe it or not bed wetting happens to millions of children on a nightly basis. You talk to your friends about movies, music, boyfriends/girlfriends, school, even life in general. What you don't usually talk with your friends about is whether or not your wet your bed the night before. It's easy to feel like your the only one, when in fact it couldn't be happening to several people you know.

The most important thing you have to remember, that no matter what ANYONE says, it is NOT your fault! You didn't wet the bed because you were lazy and you didn't went the bed because you wanted attention. You did not do it on purpose!

What Causes Bed Wetting?

Chances are you probably inherited your bed wetting problem. One or both of your parents probably suffered from it. Most kids who wet the bed do so because they are extremely deep sleepers. It is important that you talk with your parents and/or your family doctor about it, just to make sure that there are no physical problems.

What Can You Do?

The good news is, it will stop eventually! It could stop tomorrow, or it could be a little while, but it will stop eventually! Most of the time kids "grow out of it". You can stay dry by doing a few little things before you go to bed at night. Depending on what your doctor says here are some suggestions to help retrain your body and brain.

  • Do not drink a lot if anything after dinner
  • Go to the bathroom immediately before going to bed
  • Have a parent or a small alarm wake you up during the night to go to the bathroom
  • Try training your body to wait a little longer by holding it for a big longer during the day
  • Doctor solutions: There are 2 things doctors can also give you that may help you with retraining your self or help stay dry some nights, but not necessarily every night. There are nasal sprays (they help but do not cure!) and there are also special alarms that go in your pants at night and when they sense moisture set off an alarm that wakes you.

The most important thing is not to be ashamed! Talk with your doctor, that is what they are there for! Let them help you find the best solution to help you past this normal adolescent problem!

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