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Personal Hygiene

Why Is Personal Hygiene Important & What Can You Do?

As a young adult its sometimes hard to understand why taking showers daily, using deodorant, washing your hair, brushing your teeth and all the other things your parents "make" you do is important.

It's important to take care of all these things to not only stay healthy but to also feel good about yourself. When you reach puberty your body begins producing sweat that smells. Taking showers and using deodorant helps prevent the body odors from becoming strong enough to bother you and those around you.

Washing your hair will keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny. Without washing your hair you look greasy and dirty. Your head is where oils and sweat glands "spit" out their excess.

Brushing your teeth helps your breath smelling good, and keeps your teeth from rotting. Without brushing old food particles can rot and bacteria can grow in your mouth. If you brush at least twice a day you will keep your mouth clean, cavities away, and ensure that you and your teeth will spend a long happy life together!

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